CAC: Jul 3, 7:00pm
Planning Board: Jul 6, 7:00pm
Town Board: Jul 20, 7:00pm
Planning Board: Aug 3, 7:00pm
CAC: Aug 7, 7:00pm
Town Board: Aug 17, 7:00pm


Vol. I - Ancram Comprehensive Plan - April, 2010

Vol. II - Appendix A: Profile and Inventory

Vol. II - Appendix B: Survey

Vol. II - Appendix C: Buildout Analysis

Vol. II - Appendix D: Ground Water Protection Plan

Vol. II - Appendix E: Laberge Engineering Reports

Vol II - Appendix F: Town Center Revitalization Concepts

Vol. II - Appendix G: Maps

Public Hearings

February 2009 Strategy Workshops

Comprehensive Plan Overview

Consultant Proposals

Workshop Results

Updates to the Town Board

Press Releases


Background Reading Materials

2003 DEC Palumbo Decision