Town Board: On June 19, 2014, the Ancram Town Board adopted an amendment to the Town Zoning Ordinance to protect the scenic character of ridgelines and steep slopes. The amendment establishes standards…  read more

Town Board: The Ancram Town Board will be making appointments to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Assessment Review at the annual Town Board organizational meeting to be…  read more

Financial Advisory Council: The Ancram Financial Advisory Council (FAC) was established by the Ancram Town Board in 2010 to provide financial analytic support for the Town Board and Town Supervisor, and to provide…  read more

Town Board: The Town Board of the Town of Ancram does hereby give notice that the Regular Town Board meetings will now be held on the Third Thursday of every month. Any changes will be published prior to the meeting.

Public Notice

Town Board: Preliminary Budget Public Hearing - The Ancram Town Board will hold a public hearing at 6.45 pm on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Ancram Town Hall, 1416 County Route 7, Ancram NY to solicit public comments on the 2015 Preliminary Budget, which is available from the Town Clerk at the Ancram Town Hall and on the Town web site at The 2015 Preliminary Budget envisions appropriations of $1,317,550 million (compared to the adjusted 2014 budget of $1,345,000), non property tax revenues of $518,000 (compared to $504,000 budgeted in 2014), no fund balance carry forward (compared to $41,000 budgeted in 2014) and property taxes of $799,550 (compared to $799,770 budgeted in 2014. Included in the 2015 Preliminary Budget is a contingent account appropriation of $99,500, compared to $51,000 in the 2014 Budget. This $99,500 contingent account budget, if not needed for some unexpected expenses or shortfall in revenues, will be used to increase the Town's reserves, which will be approximately $550,000 at year-end 2014. The $48,000 increase in the contingent account offsets a $48,000 decrease in the loan and interest payable accounts, reflecting the repayment of the full remaining $280,000 balance of the garage loan in September 2014. Town property taxes are budgeted to be $220 less than property taxes levied in 2014, and have been held flat for the last five years. 2015 Ancram lighting district taxes are budgeted at $5,500, equal to 2014. Compensation for the Town Supervisor, Town Council members and Town Judges are budgeted to remain flat in 2015, at $4500 for the Supervisor, $2625 for each Council member and $5000 for each Judge. The Highway Superintendent's compensation is budgeted to increase $2000 to $53,000 in 2015, and the Town Clerk/Tax Collector/Registrar's compensation is budgeted to increase $1500 to $29,500. The CEO/ZEO and Assessor are budgeted to receive $500 increases, and the Animal Control Officer is budgeted to receive a $380 increase. Hourly employees are budgeted to receive a $.50 per hour increase in 2015.