Town Board: On June 19, 2014, the Ancram Town Board adopted an amendment to the Town Zoning Ordinance to protect the scenic character of ridgelines and steep slopes. The amendment establishes standards…  read more

Town Board: The Ancram Town Board will be making appointments to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Assessment Review at the annual Town Board organizational meeting to be…  read more

Financial Advisory Council: The Ancram Financial Advisory Council (FAC) was established by the Ancram Town Board in 2010 to provide financial analytic support for the Town Board and Town Supervisor, and to provide…  read more

Town Board: The Town Board of the Town of Ancram does hereby give notice that the Regular Town Board meetings will now be held on the Third Thursday of every month. Any changes will be published prior to the meeting.

Public Notice

Town Board: Ancram Public Hearing: The Ancram Town Board will hold a public hearing on September 18, 2014 at 6 pm at the Ancram Town Hall, 1416 County Route 7, Ancram NY to solicit public comment on the proposed Consolidated Zoning Law, which is available from the Ancram Town Clerk at the Ancram Town Hall and on the Town web site here. The Consolidated Zoning Law integrates and organizes the five packages of zoning amendments that previously were presented to and adopted by the Ancram Town Board between 2011 and 2014 as follows:
Package 1 (Sections I, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII) was adopted on 21 July 2011;
Package 2 (Sections V (I), XIII) was adopted on 20 October 2011;
Package 3 (Sections II, III, IV (B), IV (I), V (J), VI) was adopted on 20 September 2012 and 18 October 2012;
Package 4 (Sections IV, V, V (J)(10), XII) was adopted on 21 February 2013;
and Package 5 (Section V (H)) was adopted on 19 June 2014.

All adopted amendments have been consolidated and reconfigured into a single, coherent local law. During the consolidation, numerous “user friendly” adjustments were made to improve the coherence, continuity, and clarity of the originally adopted text: *Sections were reorganized and re-numbered to improve their logical “flow.” *A detailed Table of Contents that identifies features addressed in each article, with corresponding page numbers, now opens the law to facilitate quick identification and location of land use topics. *Article V was reorganized to first identify supplemental regulations that apply to all districts and also to list those regulations alphabetically for easier reference and access. Following regulations that apply to all districts are those that apply to certain specific districts. Then, at the end of Article V is now a complete alphabetical list of individual standards for selected uses, which also aids easier access and use. *An article specifically devoted to Special Use Permit procedures and information has now been created to aid quick reference and use. *Responding to Planning Board and other requests, edits have been made to clarify text without altering the intent of the adopted amendments. *Other minor edits ensure compatibility with New York State laws, such as the NYS Ag & Markets Law about height of agricultural structures and agricultural noises. *In addition, numerous cross-references have been inserted throughout the text to facilitate quick, easy research about related topics and guidance.