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Public Notice

Town Board: The Ancram Town Board will conduct a public hearing on Monday, August 13 at 7 pm at the Ancram Town Hall, 1416 CR 7, Ancram NY to solicit public comments on Package 3 of the Proposed Zoning Revisions. Package 3 - Zoning Revisions proposes the following revisions to the identified sections of the Town of Ancram Zoning Ordinance: Section II: Establishment of Districts -The recommended amendments designate ten zoning districts (a Residential District in each hamlet, a Business/Residential District in each hamlet, Agricultural District, Lower Rhoda Residential District, Carson Road Residential District, and a Light Industrial District) and two special districts (Floating Business District, Area of Flood Concern), plus the Scenic Corridor Overlay Zone per LL#1/2003. The amendment states the purpose for each type of district and provides an updated zoning map defining the location of each district. Subsections II C and D, explaining how to interpret boundaries, remain the same as the current ordinance. Section III: Use Regulations - Use regulations identify structures and activities that may or may not occur in each zoning district; or may occur subject to review, approval, or certain conditions. The current use regulations identify 90 uses within five broad categories: residential, general, accessory, business, and industrial. Most are quite general and many require applicants and the Planning Board to interpret intent. Recommended amendments designate 263 uses, many of which did not exist when the current ordinance was adopted in 1972. Those uses are grouped within seven categories: residential, residential accessory, residential-commercial, commercial agricultural, ag-related commercial, business, industrial, and public/civic. Most amended uses are quite precise, thereby aiding applicants and the Planning Board by reducing the need for interpretation. Consistent with Comp Plan guidance, the amended use table underscores the role of home occupations: those with low impact upon neighbors and the community are broadly permitted. Concurrently, it nudges business uses toward the hamlet business/residential districts as the hubs of commercial enterprise in the community. While protecting Ancram’s precious water supplies and the town’s agricultural priorities, the recommended use table also recognizes the value of small businesses that prosper and provides an outlet for such growth via the Floating Business District. Section IV B: Area and Bulk Regulations: Density Control Schedule - The density control schedule in the current ordinance contains lot dimensions, setbacks, lot coverage, and building height for current zoning districts, but does not correlate with recommended districts. The revised tables implement the 3 ½ acre average density in the Ag District and allow ½ acre lots in the hamlet business/ residential districts subject to adequate water and septic. The revised tables also provide lot width dimensions, setbacks, building height, and maximum lot coverage appropriate for the recommended districts. In most cases, setbacks decrease somewhat in the recommended table, maximum building heights generally remain the same, and maximum lot coverage increases. Comp Plan 1.11 and other detailed strategies guided revisions.Section IV I: Density Bonuses - Guided by Comp Plan Detailed Strategy 8.4, this new subsection provides incentives for preserving more than 60% of a parcel as open space, providing public access to recreational lands or facilities, and for providing residential houses or lots to be used by qualified Ancram residents who meet Town Board criteria and procedures for affordable housing. The Town Board may approve up to a 20% aggregate increase to the total unit density for the proposed project. Included in the subsection are: an explanation of how to determine the total number of units or lots that may be approved, procedures and criteria for Town Board review of applications, information to be provided by the applicant, and actions by referral agencies. Section V J: Special Use Permits - The current ordinance contains only brief, general guidance about applications for special use permits, no description of review procedures, and only four broad considerations before an SUP is issued. The recommended revision authorizes the Planning Board to grant or deny special uses and establishes an application and review procedure, including decision criteria. Applications that require both site plan and special use approvals must be reviewed concurrently to facilitate coordination and avoid delays. The recommended revision also addresses fees, referrals, permit expiration, permit renewal, and other features. Section VI: Non-Conforming Uses, Buildings, and Lots - The current ordinance generally allows non-conforming lots, buildings, and uses to continue in their current status. The recommended amendment retains most features of this section, but clarifies and expands these tenets. One update allows lots existing before the 3 ½ acre average density requirement and that are 3.5 to 7 acres to be subdivided into two lots. This provision complies with Comp Plan guidance at 8.9.

Copies of Package 3-Zoning Revisions are available the home page of the Town of Ancram web site at and at the Ancram Town Hall from the Ancram Town Clerk.