CAC: May 1, 7:00pm
Planning Board: May 4, 7:00pm
Town Board: May 18, 7:00pm
Planning Board: Jun 1, 7:00pm
CAC: Jun 5, 7:00pm
Town Board: Jun 15, 7:00pm

Public Notices

Town Board: Town of Ancram Public Hearing: The Ancram Town Board will hold a public hearing on Local Law No. 3 of 2017 - The Town of Ancram Highway Land Subdivision Regulations…  read more

Town Board: The Ancram Town Board will hold a public hearing on Local Law No. 2 of 2017 - The Town of Ancram Highway Constructions Standards Act - at 6:30 pm on…  read more

Planning Board: Please take notice that the Town of Ancram Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ancram Town Hall, 1416 County…  read more

Highway: Seasonal Employment - The Ancram Highway Department is seeking to hire part time summer employees to assist with maintaining lawns around Town Hall, Blass Field, Town Pool and the monuments and cemeteries the Town is responsible for. Lawn mowing, weed whacking, leaves, plus other duties as assigned by the Highway Superintendent. Current driver's license required. April 15 to November 1. Approximately 15 hours per week, on average, depending on weather. Salary will be commensurate with experience. If you are interested please contact Highway Superintendent Jim Miller at 518-329-6190 or 518-965-7682 or at .

Town Board: On June 19, 2014, the Ancram Town Board adopted an amendment to the Town Zoning Ordinance to protect the scenic character of ridgelines and steep slopes. The amendment establishes standards…  read more

Town Board: The Ancram Town Board will be making appointments to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Assessment Review at the annual Town Board organizational meeting to be…  read more

Financial Advisory Council: The Ancram Financial Advisory Council (FAC) was established by the Ancram Town Board in 2010 to provide financial analytic support for the Town Board and Town Supervisor, and to provide…  read more

Town Board: The Town Board of the Town of Ancram does hereby give notice that the Regular Town Board meetings will now be held on the Third Thursday of every month. Any changes will be published prior to the meeting.

Ethics Board

Ethics Board Members

Jack Lindsey, Chair 2021
Ron Brant, 2017
Liinda Pulver, 2018
Bonnie Hundt, 2019
Eric Weiner, 2020

Ancram has had an Ethics law in effect since 1970.  The Ethics Law was reviewed and updated in 2010, and adopted by the Town Board at the November 2010 Town Board meeting. The new Ethics Law establishes a five person Board of Ethics, outlines procedures for submitting requests to have the Ethics Board provide opinions on matters involving ethical considerations, and also a process to request that the Ethics Board investigate allegations of ethical misconduct. To make the Board of Ethics independent of political influence,

Ethics Board members are appointed for staggered five year terms, with one of the five members’ terms expiring each year. Ethics Board members may serve three consecutive five years terms. Appointments to the Ethics Board will be made by the Town Board from candidates recommended by the Board of Ethics. The Ethics Board has subpoena powers, can recommend fines and the dismissal of appointed and elected officials if, after an investigation, the Ethics Board finds violations of the Town, County or State ethics laws. Further, making false statements to the Ethics Board is perjury, and can result in the criminal penalties which apply to perjury.

The Ethics Board also has the authority to refer matters to the County Ethics Board for action if the Town Board does not act to support its recommendations. 

Ethics Law
Ethical Concern and Consideration Request Form